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About ink used in Canon Inkjet Printer

"Oh my god, my canon inkjet emitting a smoke.." some customer says that, but why it can be like that?

Canon has received reports of a small number of Canon inkjet printers emitting smoke. In some cases, the print head and some adjacent components showed the effects of heat.

After investigating the incidents, Canon believes that the heat generation and/or smoke is due to ink leaking, over time, into the print head’s electric insulation sealant. This may result from either of the following:

  • Impact damage to the print head, such as that resulting from dropping the print head or otherwise causing the print head to strike a hard surface after removal from the print head package.
  • The sealant is exposed to certain solvents contained in the printer ink. In most of the cases in which there was no sign of impact damage to the print head, ink components not used in Canon-genuine inks were detected.

The likelihood of such an incident is remote. Moreover, tests indicate that this condition should not pose a safety hazard for users because the printer components surrounding the print head are non-flammable at the temperature ranges involved and because the heat generated due to damage to the print head is below the ignition temperature of paper or any printer components.

Printing speed reduction

Is your printer suddenly slow when printing some document continously? This is the answer.

At user’s option, the function to detect the remaining ink amount may be disabled. However, when this option is chosen, it may result in a reduction of print speed when printing multi-page documents. The printing speed will recover once the ink tank is removed and then re-installed in the printer.

Inkjet multifunctional printers

I've heard some notices from for this use full news about Inkjet multifunctional printers.
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Canon all in one terbaru dari canon. Menurut saya printer multifungsi ini sangat tepat bagi anda yang mempunyai usaha Small Office Home Office (SOHO). Saya merekomendasikan ini bukan tanpa alasan, fitur print, scan, copy, fax, camera direct saya sudah cukup kuat sebagai rekomendasi. Sayangnya bukan hanya itu saya keunggulan dari printer ini. Fitur lain yang gak kalah bagus adalah Scan to Flash dimana kita tidak perlu menghidupkan PC untuk melakukan scan PDF ataupun JPG. Cukup men-colok-kan Flashdisk kedalam USB pada printer maka kita bisa melakukan scan dan di simpan kedalam Flashdisk.
Bagi pengguna yang membutuhkan fungsi network, printer ini juga sudah dilengkapi Wi-Fi dan konektor RJ-45* , sehingga bisa berbagi scan maupun print didalam jaringan.
Fungsi scan juga dimanjakan dengan adanya Automatic Document Feeder, yang memungkinkan kita melakukan scan sampai ukuran F4.
Untuk harga sangat kompetitif, masih dibawah 2 juta, untuk lebih jelasnya bisa call 580620 untuk anda yang didaerah Jogja.

ADT Home Security System

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